Guo Pei

  Sat 09 Dec 2023 to Sun 05 May 2024
Auckland Art Gallery

The Astonishing World Of Guo Pei

In this Aotearoa New Zealand exclusive exhibition, experience the extravagant, breathtaking fashions of globally renowned Chinese designer Guo Pei.
Incorporating fabulous fabrics and exquisite embroidery, Guo Pei’s ensembles of clothing, shoes and jewellery are truly wearable works of art.
Guo Pei shot to fame in the Western world after designing Rihanna’s iconic 2015 Met Gala gown. We're so excited to present this iconic dress at the Gallery, alongside over 60 striking garments by the couturier.

Welcome to the astonishing world of Guo Pei.