Stardome : Alien Pursuit

  Mon 15 Apr 2019 to Fri 26 Apr 2019
Stardome Observatory Planetarium

Calling all space explorers and budding scientists! The spotlight is on extra-terrestrial exploration these school holidays at Stardome.

What is an ‘alien’? How do astronomers search for life on foreign worlds? What will we do once we find it?! We are on a quest to answer these questions and we want you to come and help us uncover the what, the where and the how of…ALIENS!

Have fun with interactive experiments, crafts and tech activities as you learn about our search for life on other planets. Then, if the weather is fine, we will head outside and launch water-powered rockets. Finish up in the planetarium theatre, where you’ll catch the immersive, 360-degree show We Are Aliens, and visit Mars, Europa and other distant exoplanets learning about what life needs to survive and thrive on these distant worlds!

Bookings essential.