Mad About Mars Zeiss Telescope Tours

  Sun 01 Jul 2018 to Fri 31 Aug 2018
Stardome Observatory and Planetarium

Witness Mars through the historic, large Zeiss telescope as our neighbour in space comes the closest to Earth it will be for the next 17 years.

The large Edith Winstone Blackwell Zeiss Telescope is one of the largest telescopes in New Zealand accessible for regular public viewing. Throughout all July and August, we will be hosting Zeiss Telescope Tours in the historic observatory dome for only $5 per person, Wednesday-Saturday (weather permitting)

A maximum of 15 people can fit in the telescope dome at a time, meaning you’ll have a short personalised and intimate tour of the telescope with our knowledgeable volunteer operators. You’ll get to look through the impressive telescope to see the Red Planet. If there is time, you will also get a peek at other deep space objects (think: far-away nebulae and star clusters) and the opportunity to ask our operators anything and everything about space.

Includes a takeaway booklet about the history of the Zeiss telescope and its role in shaping the Stardome we know today.

Wednesday-Saturday, July & August (weather permitting)
$5 per person
8PM-LATE (please note that in July, Mars will not be visible earlier in the evening at 8PM from the Zeiss dome. Zeiss tickets are still available but if you would like to see Mars, we recommend coming in as you please, wandering through the Space Gallery or catching a show and then purchasing your Zeiss tickets for later in the evening.)
No need to book. Purchase tickets at the front desk. This experience is weather permitting. If you’re unsure whether to make the journey out to us, give us a call beforehand on 09 624 1246 and one of our helpful team will be able to assist (bearing in mind that Auckland weather can change at the drop of a hat!)